Kassing coming back

May 27, 2010

According to a reliable source former SJSU President Don Kassing is returning to SJSU to serve as the “new” interim SJSU President.


Negotiations for layoffs continuing today

May 27, 2010

I am in Human Resources with the other members of the negotiating team negotiating with university representatives over the impact of layoffs at San Jose State University. Today follows last week’s two days of negotiations. If you are a university staff employee and you want to see bargaining in real life, come to the third floor of the HR/UPD building in front of the Seventh Street Garage.

Copiers, security and SJSU

May 26, 2010
Copy Machine Security

Copy Machine Security Video

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This video, sent by a friend, (and reportedly from CBS) calls into question the security of common copy machines. Many of these types of copiers are all over campus in unsecured locations. It makes one wonder, is this is an issue we are dealing with appropriately?

Negotiations Continue Today

May 20, 2010
Michael Hejazi and Teven Laxer at a caucus

Michael Hejazi and Teven Laxer at a caucus

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Negotiations are continuing today to try to mitigate the layoff of 73 university employees and save as many staff jobs as possible at San Jose State University. I am on the union negotiating team. It has been exhausting, heart breaking and gut wrenching to talk to employees both about the impact on them of loosing their jobs and the impact on students and faculty of their jobs not being done anymore. Not only will they suffer, the students and faculty will suffer and the state will suffer for decades as students are not served, are turned away and programs terminated that support our state’s economy. These are some of the hardest days I have ever had as a union leader. I am taking this all very seriously. I woke up with insomnia last night and we have another hard day today.

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Negotiations starting at SJSU

May 19, 2010
University Employees Marching in Rally

University Employees Marching in Rally

We are getting ready for negotiations with management over layoffs. I am on the union’s negotiation team. Before the negotiation we held a lunch time rally. We are starting bargaining now.

Just snap your way to a safer workplace

May 5, 2010

MQH work blocking exit

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This photo is out of focus and shows motion blur. But, it got a dangerous working condition fixed. Most of us have cell phones that have cameras in them. When you see a dangerous working condition use that phone for more than calling your boss. Take a picture of the problem.

Sometimes problems are temporarily cleaned up by the time a manager is able to come over and investigate a situation, only to return again later. In this case contractor employees, one of whom is pictured, were doing work that intermittently blocked emergency egress of an SJSU building. By taking a picture I was able to to send it from my phone in an e-mail to head of risk management at SJSU. The photo may not win any awards, but it sure got the job done. The problem was immediately resolved.

SJSU Rally for Higher Education on October 12

October 6, 2009

Meet and greet Torrico & Garamendi

Assemblyman and Assembly Majority Leader, Alberto Torrico, and Lt. Governor John Garamendi

By: Liz Cara for the SJSU-CFA Executive Board

Alberto Torrico will use this day to initiate his campaign to pass AB 656, the oil severance task dedicated to higher education. All campus unions, UC, Community Colleges, and K12 students are supporting this measure and this event.

The meet and greet is Monday Oct 12 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in the University Room of the SJSU Student Union followed immediately by a rally from 12 noon – 1 p.m., 7 Th Street Plaza.

This is the kick-off event for a week of action at each of the 23 CSU campuses. This event will have a high media presence and will be crucial for solutions to the CSU budget crisis.

Please support this event and Alberto Torrico’s bill sponsored by CFA to bring in one billion dollars each year to public higher education. To request flyers, call CFA at (408) 924-6501 or e-mail calfac@sjsu.edu. Use your anger about furloughs, job cuts, fewer classes, and less students and show your support at this event.