Bike riding on campus, still

White male bicyclist
Bike riding in buildings
Three years ago, on April 18, 2008 I took the photo above of an SJSU faculty member riding his bicycle on campus, in Clark Hall where he works. He was riding down the hall and rode his bicycle out the front door.
Well, three years later he is still doing it, he rode his bicycle into Clark Hall, down the hall to the elevator this morning, April 22, 2011. His office is on the fourth floor of Clark Hall.
His apparent disregard for basic safety, SJSU’s bicycle policies, not to mention the threat to people with disabilities who may not have been able to see him coming, or might have not been able to get out of his way, goes without saying. That the university tolerates this is inexcusable. But, it’s Earth Day. Right? We should allow this, right? It saves gas, right?
Umm, according to this professor, he is commuting from his car which he parks a few blocks away. He saves on parking that way.

University Employees:
A health and safety grievance has been filed on this matter. I will keep university employees informed of the progress of that grievance.


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