Information from the union on SJSU Negotiations

This is from the San Jose State Chapter

The CSUEU (California State University Employees Union) Bargaining Team met with the CSU May 19 and 20. Both parties exchanged proposals. CSUEU initially proposed that all layoffs be rescinded, but management rejected that proposal. The Union countered with a proposal for a 90 day extension of layoffs. The CSU is considering this proposal. Another meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, May 27 to hopefully finalize a tentative agreement. Please stay tuned for additional information.

CSUEU Bargaining Team:

  • Pat Gantt, CSUEU President
  • Russell Kilday-Hicks, CSUEU Vice President for Representation
  • Tessy Reese, Bargaining Unit Council 2 Chair
  • Michael Brandt, Bargaining Unit Council 7 Chair
  • John Orr, Bargaining Unit Council 7 Vice-Chair
  • Alisandra Brewer, Bargaining Unit Council 9 Vice-Chair
  • Teven Laxer, CSUEU Senior Labor Relations Rep
  • Michael Hejazi, CSUEU Labor Relations Rep
  • Vera Acevedo, Chapter 307 President
  • Dennis Fox, Chapter 307 Chief Steward/Unit 9 Rep
  • Patricia Jones, Chapter 307 Unit 2 Rep
  • Gilbert Villareal, Chapter 307 Unit 7 Rep
  • Steve Sloan, Chapter 307 Communications Rep

In solidarity,
Gilbert A. Villareal
CSUEU Chapter 307 Unit 7 Representative
CSUEU Statewide Bargaing Unit Council 7 At-Large


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