Teach-in on May 17th, 4-6pm

May 14, 2010

Julian Rosenberg and Joe Tran of SJSU Students for Quality Education are going to have a teach-in event this Monday May 17 from 4:30-6:30 PM in the Almaden Room in the Student Union. Topics that are going to be covered include the then and now of higher ed, the effects of budget cuts recently, the solutions that are out there, and what we can do. There will be food provided and they would like professors to publicize this in their classes.


Layoffs and reassignments are not the same thing

May 14, 2010

This is a source of much confusion
In discussions with employees about layoffs and reassignments it seems clear to me much confusion remains on this issue. Folks hear something be said about layoffs and think that applies to reassignments and vice versa. That is understandable. Layoffs have caused reassignments. That is because positions have been targeted for elimination and that has caused layoffs, which happen by seniority in affected classifications.

If you have been notified of layoff
You want to read Article 24 of the CSUEU – CSU contract. This is the part of the contract that speaks to what is happening to you!

If you are being reassigned
You want to read Article 17 of the contract. This is the part of contract that speaks to what is happening to you!

What is in one Article does not usually apply to a process covered in the other article.

If you are confused
Your job is too important to depend on hearsay from people who may not know what they are talking about. Schedule an appointment with a trained union steward. Here is the union contact information. Do not delay, delay can cost you your rights!