Student Reports on SJSU Layoff

From Bob Rucker
New Postings Online at CNN i-Reports
By Bob Rucker’s Journalism 163 class

Below is a synopsis of the special news coverage of the unprecedented staff layoffs and transfer orders at San Jose State University by advanced SJSU broadcast journalism students:

Staff Layoffs & Transfers reported by Marissa Lovus. (Advancer)

This video news feature sets the stage for a huge campus protest and rally over recently announced staff and tech layoffs by SJSU administration. Moral is threatened as people react emotionally to the orders which in some case makes little sense to people who have many years of service, training and expertise. A staffer in the School of Nursing tearfully prepares to face saying goodbye to friends and co-workers as she get ready to move to a new position on campus in mid summer.

Multimedia Self Narrative: SJSU Outrage Over Staff Layoffs/Transfers
An angry and worried staff person on campus approaches a student media reporting team demanding to be heard. She was upset that workers in offices all across California’s oldest university campus were facing the most drastic job reduction order by university administrators. Media students and faculty, using only their cell phones with still photography cameras get natural sound audio and pictures of the veteran employee’s outrage, then briefly showcases the campus rally by staff union organizers where more than 200 showed up and marched.

CA Public Education Woes reported by Ejere Elekwachi

A popular California State University office secretary is brought to tears feeling like a mandated transfer to another SJSU department this summer is like going through divorce all over again.This month, the oldest California State University campus gave pink slips or marching papers to more than 70 staff members. This CNN iReport focuses on the story of Silvia La Rosa, a single woman raising a son, who says being transfered from her current job feels like losing the people she considers family. She’s so upset with state higher educational system, La Rosa plans to send her child to a private college next year.

Budget Cuts University Pharmacy, report by Rina Santoro.
Did you ever think budget cuts would force you to loose out on medication?  At San Jose State University many departments have been affected by layoffs and reassignments.  Pharmacist Patricia Jones is loosing her job and has to close down the school pharmacy in six months.  Students will be forced to get prescriptions somewhere else.

Jobs Layoffs Aftermath, report by Nessa Wright.

Mandated job cuts or transfers are inspiring growing fears and campuswide questions about how a major university can function with fewer staff and working piling up every day in the future? That’s what staffer Amy Freitag faces in the fall when she will be all alone in an office that serves between 600 and 800 degree students. Others on campus also don’t understand how SJSU administrators say publicly the campus is in deep financial distress, while at the same time the university continues to recruit and hire top level managers with good salaries.

Staff Diversity Questioned/Forced Layoffs reported by Jacob Amayo
An African-American former television news tech specialist, hired to support the needs of the campus radio/TV and photojournalism programs, will be transferred from that department to another one on campus this summer. Seniority rules enables Jessie Pickett to keep getting a paycheck and bump someone else with less time on cmapus. But administrators are uncertain about what department he’ll be moved to. Some wonder what sense does that make since the journalism department specifically hired him for his unique professional experiences and his diversity representation?

Erin Sterner reports on the CSU Union Protest Rally ( Event Coverage )
A loud and angry campus protest rally suggests the recent encouraging CNN Money report that unemployment is going down nationwide is not true on the west coast, California’s oldest public institution of higher education is going in the opposite direction.  With a statewide $584 million dollar budget deficit for 23 campuses, San Jose State University campus has now decided to layoff, transfer or outright eliminate 76 office staff and tech support jobs. For a school that feeds the local Silicon Valley workforce with more than 25,000 students, these drastic cutbacks raise serious concerns about the next school year and California’s commitment to diversity hiring.


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