Budget related tweets

These links off Twitter this morning are very interesting:

  • Here’s the Chancellor’s message on CFA/furloughs…
  • CSU Urges Faculty Union to Bring Furlough Option to Members for Vote
  • CSU Trustees to Hold Special Meeting on July 7th
    Budget to be discussed…
  • Future worker supply at risk as cuts squeeze higher education – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal:

Source: “Calstate” Twitter feed.

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One Response to Budget related tweets

  1. dcschnell says:

    Take a look at the questions the CSU “answered” for the union concerning furloughs. No guarantees that money saved will be used for saving faculty, no guarantees regarding RTP process for junior faculty, and NO guarantee that administrators will face the same cuts and the rest of employees.
    This is Reed at his best. Cannot think of a good reason that the union should go in with this guy.

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