Election Day recap: Working family advocates dominate!

[From South Bay Labor Council]

Tuesday was an historic, thrilling day across the country. The election of Barack Obama promises to bring real change to American politics, starting with the Employee Free Choice Act, which would greatly facilitate worker organizing. And, of course, his election symbolizes much more.

Here in the South Bay, advocates for working people were elected to office throughout the area, and we managed to pass some critical issues. Endorsed candidates Dave Cortese and George Shirakawa were elected to the Board of Supervisors. Ash Kalra and Rose Herrera will represent the concerns of working families at the San Jose City Council, and great candidates like Laura Macias, Larry Carr, and Bob Livengood will fight for us in Mountain View, Morgan Hill and Milpitas, respectively. Propositions 4 and 8 were defeated in our County. And of course, the passage of Measure A means that we will continue to be able to rely on Valley Medical Center, the critical piece of our healthcare safety net. Meanwhile, we keep our fingers crossed that Measure B will eke out a victory.

None of this, none of these victories, would have been possible without the hard work of thousands of volunteers. Over GOTV weekend, we logged over a thousand volunteer shifts, with hundreds of volunteers hitting the streets on Election Day. Our movement depends on volunteers like you taking time from busy lives to help make the world a better place. Tuesday night, we did.

For more on what the outcomes of Tuesday’s races mean, check out a series of essays recapping this election cycle at the blog of our friends at Working Partnerships USA: www.wpusa.org/blog


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