Fee Waiver Worksop

Staff thinking about fee waiver? Then you need to know about this class:

Tuesday, October 14 2:00pm-3:00pm CLARK HALL 547 FEEWV1
Facilitated by Lindsay Hamm, OD&T Specialist and Staff Fee Waiver Coordinator

The Staff Fee Waiver Program allows employees to take classes at SJSU at a reduced cost. The classes may be to improve current job skills or to get a degree for career development. The fee waiver benefit may be transferred to an employee’s dependent, allowing a spouse to get a degree or providing a child with the college experience. This course explains the types of fee waiver available to staff, why and how an employee may participate, how a dependent may participate, and how managers can use the program to encourage and train their employees.

For more information contact, Lindsay Hamm, Organizational Development & Training Analyst, Human Resources, ext. zip 0046, San Jose State University, T: 408.924.2141, F: 408.924.1784, lindsay.hamm@sjsu.edu


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