Bigots vote yes on 8

October 23, 2008

You are safe

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If I vote yes on Prop 8 am I a bigot?

In my book, yes. Let’s be clear about this. The idea that only heterosexual couples should be allowed the right to marry is discrimination. Pure and simple, we are talking civil rights here.

Fifty years ago the majority of voters might have voted against desegregation. But, that does not matter. Sometimes majorities are wrong. It does not matter if the majoritry is for or against the right of gay couples to enjoy the same rights as straight couples. Rights are not, or should not be, subject to votes. That is why we call them rights. If you vote to deny gays their equal rights are you a bigot? You betcha!

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Mom sues school over cyclist death

October 16, 2008

A recent Mercury News article said, “accusing San Jose Unified School District of falling short on traffic safety, the mother of a sixth-grader struck and killed by a motorist has filed a claim against the district, saying it shares the blame in the death of the youngster who was riding her bike home on the last day of school.”

I have more on this and other information on my blog related to this issue:

San Jose State University has been warned time and time and time again. There are 40,000 people at SJSU who share our paths and sidewalks with skateboarders and cyclists. One wrong step, one slip, one mistake and a tragedy could happen here.

Is This Straight Talk?

October 9, 2008

McCain on YouTube

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Fee Waiver Worksop

October 9, 2008

Staff thinking about fee waiver? Then you need to know about this class:

Tuesday, October 14 2:00pm-3:00pm CLARK HALL 547 FEEWV1
Facilitated by Lindsay Hamm, OD&T Specialist and Staff Fee Waiver Coordinator

The Staff Fee Waiver Program allows employees to take classes at SJSU at a reduced cost. The classes may be to improve current job skills or to get a degree for career development. The fee waiver benefit may be transferred to an employee’s dependent, allowing a spouse to get a degree or providing a child with the college experience. This course explains the types of fee waiver available to staff, why and how an employee may participate, how a dependent may participate, and how managers can use the program to encourage and train their employees.

For more information contact, Lindsay Hamm, Organizational Development & Training Analyst, Human Resources, ext. zip 0046, San Jose State University, T: 408.924.2141, F: 408.924.1784,

That One

October 8, 2008

John McCain

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McCain vs. McCain

October 7, 2008


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Skateboard and Bike Grievance at CO

October 3, 2008

SJSU Safety Grievance to be heard by Chancellor’s Office

Earlier this year the California State University Employees Union (SEIU Local 2579), which is the union representing most of the university staff employees, escalated the safety grievance regarding the use of non-motorized vehicles on the SJSU campus to the Chancellor’s Office. Indications are a hearing of the grievance may be approaching. If the union is unsuccessful at this level it can take the matter to arbitration.

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[Copy of Grievance Here]