New Grandson

May 24, 2008

Three grandkids

More photos of Solomon’s First Day

Today was quite a day and I am tired. Today was the birth of grandchild number six, Soloman Sloan. I have covered the day in several ways:

I am too tired to do or say more. Wow, what a day!


I am up in Washington

May 23, 2008

I am up in Washington and we have a grandchild coming today. This is grandchild number 6!

I will be posting updates on the trip and birth on my family blog and on my twitter stream.


Bicycle, Skateboard Grievance to Chancellor’s Office?

May 13, 2008

University fails to respond within time lines?

Apparently the university has failed to respond to the level two hearing of the skateboard, bicycle grievance. This clears the way for the union to file this grievance at the Chancellor’s Office. According to California State University Employees Union Labor Relations Representative Michael H. Hejazi, “The response is late. I will appeal to Level 3.” The next step after level 3 would be arbitration.

UPDATE: Both parties, by mutually agreement, have extended the Level 2 response time-line on the Campus Bike Safety Grievance to Monday May 19, 2008.
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[Copy of Grievance Here]

Union Meeting, Thursday

May 13, 2008

Union Meeting, Thursday May 15, Noon

Full contract bargaining 2009, Budget crisis looming, What better time:
Let’s Build our Union at SJSU!
Bring a friend, Bring your ideas, Bring lots of enthusiasm!
Featuring special guest speaker:
Russell Kilday-Hicks
SFSU CSUEU Chapter President, Editor, University Employee Newsletter
May 15, Thursday, Noon to 1pm, Clark Hall Room 100H, “The Fish Bowl”
Refreshments will be provided
Please RSVP to Steve Sloan

Study time

May 12, 2008

Student studying in hallway.

The end of the semester is near

Students are hunkering down and working hard; for the end of the term is near. Few opportunities to study are being wasted.

Gus Lease on skateboards, bicycles and safety

May 8, 2008

Gus Lease sent an Email on the safety issue

Just in case you don’t know who Gus is, let me tell you. Gus Lease is one of the nicest people you might ever meet and on top of that; he is a university treasure. Gus has been on the faculty at SJSU for 56 years. He sings the national anthem at graduation. Gus was once the chairman of the Music department and he currently teaches Music History in the History department.

He has dedicated his life to SJSU. He has lived much of the history of this university. He remembers and tells stories about our university that are a pleasure to listen to. When he first told me about the skateboarder who almost hit him he said, “if he had hit me going as fast as he was, I think he would have killed me.”

Gus parks in the campus disabled parking spaces on the north part of seventh street.

About two weeks ago when I was parked on 7th street, I got out of my car and was going to the back of the car to get my teaching equipment out of the trunk when a skateboard rider coming down the street almost hit me. Since I have a disability and use a cane to walk, had I been hit, I could have suffered a serious injury. Also, today one of the student bicycle riders along the sidewalk between Clark and the administration building was going extremely fast and had to swerve to avoid hitting me.

I do hope you will relate my concerns to the committee that Skateboarding, and bicycling on Campus is a serious Safety issue for all who are walking on campus.

Gus C Lease
Department of History
May 7, 2008

In a recent Email on the same topic, University Police Chief Andre Barnes said, “I am not in agreement with you that it is a significant safety hazard or a position that I can argue comfortable in favor of changing the current policy.”

Email to University Police Chief Barnes

May 7, 2008

Skateboarder at Clark Hall

Skateboarder slipping

My Email to Chief Barnes

I know during our recent phone call you said you and your officers had not seen or reported much dangerous activity or unsafe practices on the part of operators of non-motorized vehicles including skateboards, bicycles and razors. At 4:35 pm on May 5 I saw these youths doing acrobatics on the railings of the east side of Clark Hall. I called the UPD dispatcher and the call was logged on my cell phone at 4:35pm. Since it was time for me to go off work, I went back into the building, got ready to go home, took my camera and went out of the building. I had expected to see an officer there since it is maybe 750 feet from there to UPD. Since I saw no officer I started taking pictures. I kept taking pictures. I shot about 25 photos until I finished my roll of film. (Yes, I still shoot film.)

I then walked over to the bike corral and got my bicycle and rode home (circumnavigating SJSU of course.) I never saw any officers and I guess it is no wonder they never saw any dangerous activity or unsafe practices on the part of operators of non-motorized vehicles that day.

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[Copy of Grievance Here]