Go to Texas for Obama

My name is Mitch Stewart, and I’m the Texas Field Director for the Obama campaign.

Barack’s won the last eight primaries and caucuses decisively, and we’re heading into the next set of contests with a lot of momentum. But the race for the Democratic nomination is still extremely close.

The March 4th primary in Texas is the single biggest remaining contest, and we need supporters across the country to get involved.

Sign up to take a trip to Texas before March 4th and help Get Out The Vote for Barack:

We’re holding training sessions for volunteers at locations across the state on Saturday, March 1st at 12:00 p.m. You are strongly encouraged to arrive in Texas in time for the training.

You’ll spend the next three days working with our staff and fellow volunteers to help get every Obama supporter in Texas out to the polls on Tuesday, March 4th. There’s no better way to make a difference in this election.

No prior experience is necessary — whether you’re a first-time volunteer or a seasoned veteran, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime organizing for Barack on the ground.

Learn more and sign up to come make history in Texas:

As we enter the final stages of this election, both campaigns are focusing on the crucial March 4th primaries.

Senator Clinton’s campaign has even described Texas as a “must-win” state, and they’re already devoting unprecedented resources to their operation here.

Our campaign has always relied on grassroots supporters to build our movement and spread the word about Barack Obama. I hope you’ll join us in Texas and keep the momentum going.

Thank you,

Mitch Stewart
Texas Field Director
Obama for America


2 Responses to Go to Texas for Obama

  1. Gary says:

    Sorry, I can’t vote for a man who doesn’t like the country he wants to be President of.

  2. ssloansjca says:

    No, Bush is not running again.

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