Bikes remain a campus hazard

Bike blocking access

Bike hazards remain at SJSU
I am on the board of directors of one of the biggest bicycle and bicycle advocacy groups in the Santa Clara Valley. So, I am very pro bicycle. I often commute to work by bicycle. Despite this I feel bicycle riding is not safe on our campus and is not being practiced in a safe manner at SJSU.

I have my own reservations about the new Presidential Directive regarding bike policy of President Kassing’s. If enforced it would be better than what we now see. But, it appears to be that it will be just as ignored as the old policy was. Bikes are still ridden hazardously on campus and are still being parked chained to poles and railings on campus where they pose a hazard and block access for the disabled on our campus. It appears nothing is being done to abate this hazard.

[More Bicycle on Campus Photos Here]

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