We need to fix SJSU

Opinion: Being a student is hard enough!
We do not need to make it harder. So, why do we make it so hard and what can be done about it?

In my opinion a President’s level body should be formed to look into what are the unnecessary stress points at our university. This investigation should be carried out as openly and transparently as possible while respecting the rights of privacy of the individuals involved. Students, faculty and staff should be encouraged to report to this new office processes and procedures we have at SJSU that are unnecessarily cumbersome, bureaucratic, redundant or irritating. The commission of the new body would be to investigate each problem and too keep it on its agenda until the problem is resolved and the process streamlined. Lack of funds to fix a problem is not an excuse for the perpetuation of the problem. If a problem process is investigated and found to be cumbersome and stress causing it should be discontinued or brought to the attention of the chancellor’s office and/or the state legislature. In my opinion there is no excuse for the sorry state our higher educational system is in. If we fix these irritating cumbersome, bureaucratic and redundant hoops we make our students jump through we not only will lower the campus tension level we may find we are saving the taxpayer’s money.


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  1. lydirae says:

    I saw someone the other week using the “Ranting through megaphone” approach to urging people to fix these problems. He was from the organization I’ve been hearing about that deals with better GE advising. Personally, I’d prefer an online system that just made any sense at all, and hopefully it might include a notice of “You’re missing this class that you need to take to graduate,” or “We’ll tell you when you can enroll starting on this date,” etc.

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