On one hand

January 31, 2007

On one hand

On one hand and on the other hand
This video from MoveOn.org talks about the war.


Prefered parking for SJSU contractors?

January 23, 2007

Cars on sidewalk

Contractors abusing parking privileges?
Have you ever thought how nice it would be to just be able to drive right to the buildings you work in, park right in front and just walk in the door and go to work? According to some employees I have spoken to, that is just what some university contractors are doing. It is not unusual for contractors to be given parking permits that allow them to park on the sidewalks. There are sometimes business reasons for doing this. Contractors working on elevators, for example, may need access to tools or heavy replacement parts they might keep in their vans. But, according to employees I have spoken to, there are contractors who come into campus buildings and just to sit at desks. Reportedly these contractors have no business need to park next to campus buildings and/or on campus sidewalks. Reportedly these contractors are doing this anyway, apparently just because they can. A check of some of the vehicles seen parked in front of campus buildings has shown them to have valid sidewalk permits. This is better parking than the president of the university enjoys! If they can do it, why can’t we? I am sure a lot of students would love to be able to park right at the buildings they attend classes in. Why can’t they?

I have seen some of these contractor’s vehicles parked on sidewalks for long periods of time. They sometimes block access for folks with disabilities. I feel they make our campus look like a parking lot. I wonder, what is the business reason for these contractors having to park so close to the buildings? I wonder, who is making sure that the ability to park on SJSU’s sidewalks using contractor permits is not being abused? So many questions…

Bollards going in at Clark Hall

January 17, 2007

Installing Bollards

Bollards are being installed
Bollards are being installed to prevent vehicles from parking in a location blocking the fire exits on the north side of Clark Hall. This is really good news and should resolve the problems previously reported.

Poverty on campus

January 6, 2007

People pushing a shopping cart

Poverty and homelessness on campus
In my opinion if you don’t see poverty and homelessness on campus it may be because you are not looking very hard. Maybe you are trying not to see it. It has been here for all the twenty plus years I have worked at San Jose State University. It is seldom talked about and almost never does anybody do anything to address it. So, I guess it will always be here. At least it will as long as everybody keeps working so hard not seeing it.

Rain on Campus

January 5, 2007

Rain reflection SJSU

Rain on campus
This is Winter Session and the campus is very quiet and peaceful. When the rain comes the puddles form in the usual places resulting in reflections of familiar places on campus. Reflections are like paintings laying flat on the earth. These paintings appear in the still places, then they fade away.

I took this photograph yesterday while walking across campus on an errand. The person walking across the top of the frame made the picture I think.

What is it going to take to be safe?

January 4, 2007

SJSU FD&O Cart in front of fire exit

What specificially is it going to take for them to learn?
Despite all the complaints, grievances and appeals they are still parking in front of the fire exits. They are still acting as though it is a loading dock as well as a fire exit. Despite the sign, what is it going to take for them to learn? Do people have to die for them to learn? If there is a fire or an earthquake, then will they learn? Do you think?

Update: Thu Jan 4 19:19:13 PST 2007
I have been informed that this issue has been resolved and this should not be repeated. I am sorry if I seem like a jerk about this. But, this has happened before: time after time after time after time.