Example: Using the Internet and New Media to advocate

Save GA

Save Google Answers Video
I just saw this wonderfully inventive video on YouTube about the effort to save Google Answers. Okay, what is Google Answers? According to Wikipedia this morning:

Google Answers was an Internet search and research service offered for a fee by Google, “answer brokering”. It was launched by Google in April 2002, and went out of Beta in May 2003. In late November 2006, Google reported that it planned to permanently shut down the service. As of November 30, 2006, new questions may no longer be asked, but existing questions may continue to be answered until December 30, 2006.

Worth a look at the video. It is a great example of effective multimedia for the web, like your union organizing. Here is a link to the Save Google Answers Blog. If you are in a union and have a cause you would like to promote, an issue to advocate for, or something you would like to save, this could be a great approach! This could be effectively used for organizing if done well.


4 Responses to Example: Using the Internet and New Media to advocate

  1. Matt Noyes says:


    I like your blog and have urged others to check it out in my blog on Communicate or Die. Can you say a little about how you think GA could be used for activism/advocacy? I’m interested, but it wasn’t immediately apparent to me.

  2. Steve Sloan says:

    Because of this short movie I learned about and blogged about Google Answers. The video served as a conversation starter. If folks were advocating for a cause for their union, and created a funny video that got attention, like the save GA people did, that is a way to spread the message. If done well, like this one was, it could spread by word of mouth, as well as by emails and other forms of Internet message sharing.

    It can get people to listen to the issues who might never attend a union meeting or otherwise learn about what their union has to say. They might go to the union website, or wanting to learn more actually talk to their union rep.

  3. Matt Noyes says:

    Got it, the video is very simple and effective. (I thought you were talking about GA as an organizing tool!?) When is your first video going online?

  4. ssloansjca says:

    I am working on it…


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