Fire Hazard at SJSU

Camera Phone Post: Trash in front of fire exit

SJSU Clark Hall fire exit. Despite the fact that student, faculty and staff use is ongoing in the former Clark Library, construction is still going on. There has been issues with the contractors blocking exits. In my opinion this is a potential fire hazard.


2 Responses to Fire Hazard at SJSU

  1. […] There is another way out There is a door in the back, on the north side, that leads to a hallway where the incubator classrooms are. This door is signed. If a person goes to this hallway, and goes to the left, there is a back exit from the facility. This is an exit that had been blocked at times by contractors, this problem appears to have been resolved. […]

  2. […] Camera Phone Post: The danger continuesHere is a photo taken this morning of the blocked fire exits on the northwest corner of San Jose State University’s Clark Hall, where the Academic Success Center is located. This is not a new problem. On September 7 this situation was observed, photographed and reported. Since there is a pending grievance regarding safety matters related to Clark, I would have asked to add to that grievance the following: […]

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